Sports Betting in Deadwood

Sports Betting in Deadwood

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Sports Wagering in Deadwood, SD | Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort

Sports wagering is now available at Cadillac Jack’s® Gaming Resort and Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort in Deadwood, SD.

As more people participate and sign up for sports wagering in Deadwood, SD, they’re bound to have some questions. Whether they are a new or experienced bettor, they may be wondering about the specific rules and what to expect at Liv Hospitality properties regarding sports wagering in Deadwood, SD.

Here is what players need to know:

Sports Wagering in Deadwood, SD | Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort

1. What mobile apps are available for sports wagering?

Mobile apps are a future development for sports wagering in Deadwood, SD. Once we go live, the apps will have to be geo-fenced or beacon controlled to only allow bets on premise of licensed gaming operators. The apps will generally augment the retail sportsbook environment that will include kiosk and counter wagering.

2. Where in the casino will the sports betting take place?

A player must be physically located on premise within a licensed gaming establishment.

Wagers must take place on the casino floor of the licensed gaming operator in Deadwood.

3. Where do places have to be located in order to place bets?

A player must be physically located on premise within a licensed gaming establishment.

4. Which sports are offered through sports wagering?

Sports wagering will offer most professional and college sports, UFC, CFL (Canadian Football League), PBR (Professional Bull Riders), MLS (Major League Soccer), and international leagues such as FIFA, and FIA (Formula 1 Racing). Wagering on South Dakota colleges or universities along with youth sporting events is prohibited.

5. How will sports wagering affect Deadwood in terms of visitor traffic and revenue?

We anticipate sports wagering to be anywhere between 2%-5% of total gaming revenues in Deadwood which would equate to $2 million-$5 million in total revenue for the entire market. There are significant operational costs associated with operating a sportsbook so the profitability will be negligible. But, this new sports wagering effort in Deadwood gives our visitors another reason to come to Deadwood and enjoy placing a wager on their favorite team, in a legal manner, while enjoying the many other entertainment opportunities at our resorts. The sports wagering calendar is particularly attractive because of the times in which the major sporting events take place. Shoulder and off-season activities such as March Madness, the Super Bowl, NBA basketball, etc. will undoubtedly help drive traffic to our locations and bring more people to Deadwood during need periods.

6. How do players place a bet at a sportsbook or a kiosk?

Whether placing a bet at a physical sportsbook or on a kiosk, the process of placing a bet is simple.

At a physical sportsbook, an odds board usually updates all betting lines in real time while the action is unfolding. Once players have identified the bet they want to make, they need to walk up to the ticket window and get in line. Players need to ensure they have betting sheets in hand and ready, as well as the type of bet they want to make, the team, and the amount. The ticket writer will then hand the player a receipt. Always check the ticket to ensure it is correct. If the bet wins, head back to the ticket window to turn in the ticket. The ticket writer will scan the ticket and then hand over winnings in cash. If a player wins, it’s always a good idea to tip the ticket writer.

The second option is to place a bet using a designated kiosk. First, bettors need to put cash into the kiosk. Continue to browse the sportsbook’s menu to find the games to bet on. Players can search by sport, league, event, and see all the odds available. After making a selection, enter and confirm the wager amount, print the ticket, and the sportsbook will alert of any potential payout. Players can take winning tickets back to the kiosk or to a betting window to collect winnings.

7. What can we expect from this experience?

For Cadillac Jack’s® Gaming Resort and Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort, bettors can experience an environment akin to the modern sports wagering venues you will experience in larger markets like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Both of our casinos have hired the same designer used by most major sportsbooks in Las Vegas, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for Caesars, Linq, Cosmopolitan, Palms, Hard Rock, and more. It is our intention to give the consumer an experience that is seamless, organized, exciting and comfortable. Video displays are abundant, décor is exhilarating, and the experience is second to none. Bettors can also sign up for our sports betting email list to receive weekly odds every Tuesday, expert wagering tips, and match bonuses at both of our locations.

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