Position: Director of Payroll & Benefits
Phone: 605-341-0500
Categories: Liv Hospitality 3

Cheddar Getter

Jessica Ries joined Liv Hospitality in January 2021 as the Payroll & Benefits Administrator and swiftly ascended to the role of Director of Payroll and Benefits in April 2022, a testament to her exceptional contributions to the organization. As our “Cheddar Getter,” Jessica brings forth a wealth of experience, underpinned by her academic achievements and degree in paralegal studies. With an impressive 22 years of hands-on expertise, Jessica has consistently demonstrated a nuanced understanding of her craft.

In her capacity as the Director of Payroll and Benefits, Jessica assumes a pivotal role in overseeing and guiding the strategic direction of payroll administration and benefits programs. Her focus on precision, compliance, and associate satisfaction has elevated these critical functions to new heights of efficiency within the Liv Hospitality framework. Jessica’s style is characterized by a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that policies align seamlessly with the company’s commitment to Leadership, Integrity, and Vision, encompassing fair compensation practices and the overall well-being of its associates.

Jessica Ries is not merely an accomplished professional; she is a driving force behind Liv Hospitality’s commitment to excellence in payroll management. Her journey from Payroll & Benefits Administrator to Director is a testament to her dedication and commitment to excellence in this vital aspect of the organization’s operations.