Join The Club

Posted: December 12, 2017

Our Capital G Club is an exclusive, invitation-only club specifically for Liv Hospitality employees. Once achieved, the Capital G membership is a permanent honor. But how does one get into the club? Here are stories of how a few of our team members got in.

Kyle, Sliders Bar

After his shift had come to a close, Kyle served all guests long after the 11:00 close time of the bar. During these tense hours of uncertainty, Kyle was able to keep many of the guests calm by interjecting his humor and wit into a long-drawn process. These guests had no idea why they were awakened and removed from their rooms nor could they know the details for fear of it getting back to the suspect. Kyle and his staff understood the moment and catered to all guests to keep everyone calm.

Cady and Allison, Paddy O’Neill’s Irish Pub

Cady and Allison both put in over 12 hour shifts on New Year’s Eve. They spent hours bartending, cocktailing, and managing staff, not to mention hours of inventory afterwards to finalize the end-of-the-year process. When their shift concluded, they were leaving the hotel when they noticed three couples and two individuals in the lobby that were patiently awaiting a cab. This process, on New Year’s Eve in downtown Rapid City, potentially could take hours.

Cady and Allison jumped at the opportunity to help these guests out.  After their shifts, off the clock and on their own time, they didn’t even hesitate to offer the guests rides home. They even teamed up and drove each group’s vehicle home, as well. Five trips later, each of the guests made it home safe and sound.

Heidi, Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort

Heidi was told that one of her regulars of the “Breakfast Coffee Club” at T-Grille Restaurant would be having surgery and wouldn’t be in for the next few days. He said she shouldn’t be worried, as she normally would be if she didn’t see him. The following days, Heidi looked through three phone books to find this gentleman’s address and sent him “Get Well Soon” cards until he was well enough to return.

The Capital G Club isn’t a reward for doing a job. It’s recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty to make the guests’ experience that much more memorable. In addition to public recognition, our Capital G Club members receive added bonuses for being the best-of-the-best at Liv Hospitality and embodying the true nature of guest service. 

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