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Student Worker Frequently Asked Questions

All students will take the airport bus, Rapid Shuttle, to the provided housing upon arrival. Please communicate your arrival details with your agency so that we can ensure the shuttle is prepared and available to transport you.

No. All students will be paid with an Aline Card, which is a Visa debit card provided by our payroll processor, ADP. Aline Cards are managed by the ADP mobile app and can be used at virtually any store or website. These will be assigned to you and registered in your name before your arrival. If you leave the US before your last pay date, your Aline Card will still have the funds applied and available for use upon your return home.

If you choose to set up a bank account, please know that your paychecks will still be paid to your Aline Card.

Your housing will depend on your assigned work place and whether or not your arrival date will allow for that assignment to be fulfilled. We will let you know your housing details as soon as we receive this information from the agency. 

Regarding letters and packages from friends and family: we suggest for these to be sent to the property you will be working at. Apartments are shared and hold a greater risk for loss or theft.

That is a personal preference. We do use a smartphone app to clock in and out of shifts, which work without a SIM card by using your property’s Wi-Fi. If you do not own a smartphone, we have tablets at each location that may be used to track your hours. Your credentials will be set up for you before your arrival.

Please coordinate these dates with your agency, who we regularly communicate with to provide housing availability and updates. Generally speaking, springtime students may arrive at any time on or after their Visa start date. If arrival is prior to the start date, please note that housing may not be available; if it is available, rent will be deducted from your first paycheck regardless of whether or not you have begun working. 

Summertime students may typically arrive around early-mid June. 
These dates are simple estimates and not set in stone, so it is very important that you speak with your agency to get the most accurate information.

Rapid City and Deadwood only have one local airport – Rapid City Regional Airport. Please note that if you book tickets to another airport, you will have to find your own transportation to get to Rapid City or Deadwood. These are typically bus rides of 6 hours or more.

Rapid City is a small city and the routes to your housing are very simple. Please use the buttons below for an overview of your assigned area: 




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